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sh2   "Baby Mo" Beige Mohair Shawl
sh7   "Baby Mo" Charcoal Grey Shawl
sh3   "Baby Mo" Purple Mohair Shawl
j4   10mm 7.5" multi-color bracelet
d5   20" Yellow Tabletop Bowl
j8   5 Leaf Mesh Pendant
2463   Acacia Wood Pineapple Bowl
710   Alabaster Ball
d48   Alabaster Candle Holder with Gold Accent
1833   Alibaba Slippers
s13   Already Sigh Journal
c1   AMÉLIE ET MÉLANIE: Bath oil-Ligne Blanc
c3   AMÉLIE ET MÉLANIE: Test tube-J'entends La Mer Satchel
c2   AMÉLIE ET MÉLANIE: Diffuser- J'Entends La Mer Diffuser
c4   AMÉLIE ET MÉLANIE: Scented satchels-J'entends La Mer Satchel
sh4   Angora Tan Shawl with Fringe
n12   Animal Print Bowl
table-4   Antique Pie Crust Table
d54   Antique Red, Black & Gold Chinois Leather Box & Vanity Mirror
a6   Antiqued Gold Towel Holder
p23   Antiqued Hand Embroidered Red Velvet Pillow
152   Antiqued Red 3 Tier Table
302   Antiqued Red Leather Chinoiserie Storage Container/Waste Basket
1105   Antiqued Urn
d9   Apollo Whisky Decanter
1258   Appliquations Mondrian Drum
p13   Artichokes- Footed Cylinder Vase
244---1   Asian Framed Art
244---2   Asian Framed Art
244---3   Asian Framed Art
B2BB   Atenti Overnight Bag, Black On Black
2439   Authentic Zebra Hide Rug
1967---2   Baccarat Crystal Paperweight
1967---1   Baccarat Crytal Paperweight
c13   Bamboo Accessory Pouch
p20   Berries in Glass Cube-- $136.40----2.23 lbs
2710   Best Man Cufflinks
BC2   Bi-Fold Money Clip Wallet Blk
1877   Bi-Fold Security Wallet
l3   Bijoux Miro Ivory-- by Maurizio Alfier in Venice, Italy. Signed.
l9   Black African Gazelle Table Lamp
b19   Black Handmade Soap Dispenser
b13   Black Handmade Tissue Holder
FS512G   Black Leather Golf Accessory with Stainless Steel Flask
z4   Blue & Gold Rug
j5   Blue CZ Ring
b15   Blue Handmade Soap Dispenser
b10   Blue Handmade Tissue Holder
p8   Blue Hydrangea/Viburnum-Cylinder Bowl
sh1   Blue Mohair Fashion Shawl with Fringe
268   Blue Vase
2498   Bronze Alternating Bracelet
d12   Bronze Crinkle Vase By Oggetti
d21   Bronze Leopard Box, Gourd-shaped.
n2   Bronze Striped Necklace
b18   Brown Handmade Soap Dispenser
b14   Brown Handmade Tissue Holder
2408   Brown Leather Letter Rack
p24   Brown Velvet Pillow with Sequence buttons with Brown And Blue Tassels--$65.00—1.19 lbs
p26   Burgundy Pincushion Protea In Glass Bowl with Rocks
342   Button Clyindar Vase
d41   Capiz Ball Flower & Leaf Design In Sage
d40   Capiz Ball Map Design
2364   Capiz Bowl
s25   Capiz Shell Coaster Set in Aqua (5)
s24   Capiz Shell Coaster Set in Brown (5)
2368   Capiz Shell Lazy Susan Dish
2691   Capiz Shell Myrtle Green Flower Bowl
2683   Capiz Shell Poppy Flower Bowl
p3   Charm Gold Pillows Velvet/Silk Patchwork
b8   Copper Snake Clutch
p30   Cream In Protea- Footed Bowl With Rocks
c18   Dangling Bell Candle Snuffer:
c19   Dangling Bell Candle Snuffer:
b16   Dark Green Handmade Soap Dispenser
b11   Dark Green Handmade Tissue Holder
m2   Double blanket Multicolor Hues with Fringe
31   Double Knot Wool Rug
z3   Double knot woolen rug in Orange, Brown, Black & Cream
2407   Double Pen Stand in Brown Leather
S-1   Dune Black Sand Sconce
l10   Exotic green large drum Pendant. Made with cocoa leaves
sh6   Extra Fine Mohair Light Brown with Fringe
1574   Fantasia Belle Kandinsky Gold Pendant
l-4   Fili Amber with Red Sconce
s14   Filigree Floral Ebony Journal
l11   Florale table lamp
246   Flowers Buchoz
265---1   Flowers Buchoz
265---2   Flowers Buchoz
265-3   Flowers Buchoz
s11   Foiled Midi Journal
s16   French Ornate Journal
l16   Fresh Aire Lamp in Light Blue With Gold Base
1879   Frog Letter opener
2696   Glass Spooner with Daisy & Button Pattern
b7   Gold Clutch with Crystal w/ off center bow detail.
p10   Grapes Hand-Knotted Pillow Cover
j3   Grey barrel Baroque Pearls Necklace
v5   Hand Carved Vase
p22   Hand knotted pillow cover
v4   Hand painted porcelain vase with top
b21   Hand Painted 4 Piece Bathroom Set in Wheat
b23   Hand Painted Blue Canister Set Of 3
v2   Hand Painted Octagonal Canister in Cobalt Blue
p1   Hand painted on velvet with rawsilk back pillows
b24   Hand Painted Porcelain Blue and White Tray
b20   Hand Painted Porcelain Tray In Wheat
2038   Hand Painted Silk Runner
283   Hand Painted Tang Porcelain Vase
100   Hand Spun Ghazni Wool Rug
n14   Hand-Carved Bowl With Circles
p11   Hand-Knotted Pillow Cover With Hearts
p12   Hand-Knotted Pillow Fish Cover
p32   Hand-Knotted Pink and Blue Pillow Cover
p33   Hand-Knotted Tiger Pillow Cover
d2   Hand-painted Glass Centerpiece: Green With Copper
d38   Handmade Brass Five Candle Holder With Gold Accents
b9   Handmade Tissue Holder
2018   Handmade Wall Tapestry
d43   Harvest Capiz Ball
p21   Hens & Chicks in Ceramic pot
s10   High Button Boot Journal
d45   Horn Condiment Set In Decorative Storage Box.
p2   Horse pillow
264---1   Humming Birds
264---2   Humming Birds
b22   Imari Vanity Set 4 Piece
d47   Jacques Zolty Lily Beach Eau De Parfum
155   Jacuard Gold Lamp
l13   Kings Palace Retreat Lamp
d51   Laboratorio Olfattivo "Cozumel" Eau De Parfum
s9   Lazy Susan
2495   Leather Jewelry Box
2406   Leather Letter Tray
b17   Light Green Handmade Soap Dispenser
b12   Light Green Handmade Tissue Holder
l5   Lilypad Wall Sconces Silver Metal
s12   Lindau Journal
207---1   Long Fruits (Pear) Framed Art
207---3   Long Fruits (Apple) Framed Art
207---2   Long Fruits (Peach) Framed Art
1568   Mandala Flume Sconce. Signed "Oggetti".
l-3   Mandala Graffitti Topaz
2820   Mauve multi hues necklace
227   Mei Ping Hand Painted Vase
l7   Mimosa Pendant, Clear. By: OGGETTI
d28   Mohair Double Blanket multi color hues with fringe
d29   Mohair double blanket multi color hues with fringe
sh8   Mohair Scarf with Beads and 4 Ostrich Feathers
l14   Montclair Lamp
f1   Moroccan Camel Leather Ottoman
z6   Moroccan Kilim
1965   Moroccan Rug
1844   Moroccan Serving Platter
s4   Morris Journal
1578   Mosaic Dome Suspension
d35   Mother of Pearl Decorative Box
s15   Natural Silver Filigree Journal
b29   Oggetti Black Snakeskin Tissue Holder
b27   Oggetti Black Snakeskin Tray
b30   Oggetti Black Snakeskin Waste Basket
1281   Oggetti Perfume Tray
b25   Oggetti Silver Snakeskin Tray
265---4   Orchids Framed Art
222   Oriental Style Pillow Box
219   Oval Box with Latin Floral Painting
d32   Pair of bisque horses
d36   Pair of Copper & Brass Candlesticks
p17   Paprus In Tall Triangle Vase
240   Papyrus & Calla Lily in Small Cognac
1150   Parsi Embroidery Velvet Pillow
1060   Pearl Necklace Latte
a1   Petite Orleans Mirror-Dark Marseilles
276   Planter with Open Handles
c15   Pre de Provence gift box of four 150 gram soaps
483   Pre de Provence Soaps
c10   Quintessence Perfumed Candle
c9   Quintessence Wardrobe Scented Tubes (8LG or 46SM)
p9   Raw Silk Pillow with Flowers
361   Red Lamp Rattan Round
p19   Red Ranunculus In Oval Vase
a5   Remote Control Box
2418   Ricci 3 Piece Silver Cheese Set
s21   Ricci Meridiani 2 Piece Pasta Set
s20   Ricci Meridiani 2 Piece Salad Set
s19   Ricci Meridiani 2 Piece Servers
s22   Ricci Meridiani Soup Ladle
Table-1   Rita Retro Table
p6   Rose Pillow
v9   Ruffle Cylinder Vase in Turquoise (LG)
v8   Ruffle Cylinder Vase in Turquoise (Md)
p27   Rust Pincushion Protea In Glass Bowl with Rocks
j6   Salmon Colored Necklace With Gold Accents
1975   Sam Table Vase Large
1978   Sam Table Vase Medium
1569   San Marco Flush-Mount Sconce. Signed "Oggetti".
2802   Sarah Cavender Long Thick Mesh Tube

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